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Below is a list of pre-registered, automatic annotation services which are interoperable with PubAnnotation.

If you do not know an applicable annotation service to your purpose, you may want to take a look at PubDictionaries, which is a highly customizable, dictionary-based text annotation service.


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PD-HP-B Jin-Dong Kim2020-04-28
PubTator PubTator annotation provided by NCBIJin-Dong Kim2020-04-15
Cellosaurus_v33 Annotator based on dictionary Cellosaurus version 33 in PubDictionarieszebet2020-04-15
PD-Preeclampsia-B Jin-Dong Kim2020-04-04
PD-NGLY1-deficiency-B A batch annotator for NGLY1 deficiencyJin-Dong Kim2020-04-04
PD-GlycoProteins-B Jin-Dong Kim2020-04-04
PD-GlycoGenes-B Jin-Dong Kim2020-04-04
PD-GlycanStructures-B Jin-Dong Kim2020-04-04
PTO-exact Yue Wang2019-12-03
PTO-all Yue Wang2019-12-03
discourse-simplifier A discourse analyzer developed by Univ. Manchester.Jin-Dong Kim2019-08-16
Glycan-Abbreviation ISSAKU YAMADA2019-07-17
PubTator-Mutation To pull the pre-computed mutation annotation from PubTator.Jin-Dong Kim2018-12-10
PubTator-Disease To pull the pre-computed disease annotation from PubTator.Jin-Dong Kim2018-12-10
PubTator-Chemical To pull the pre-computed chemical annotation from PubTator.Jin-Dong Kim2018-12-10
PubTator-Species To pull the pre-computed Species annotation from PubTator.Jin-Dong Kim2018-12-10
PubTator-Gene To pull the pre-computed gene annotation from PubTator.Jin-Dong Kim2018-12-10
LappsGridBioNER The Abner Tagger for BioMedical named entity recognition running on the Language Applications Grid.ksuderman2018-04-14
LappsGridGeneTagger GATE Gene tagger running on the Language Applications Gridksuderman2018-04-14
LappsGridStanfordPOSTagger Stanford Part-Of-Speech tagger running on the Language Applications Grid.ksuderman2018-04-14