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Below is a list of pre-registered, automatic annotation services which are interoperable with PubAnnotation.

If you do not know an applicable annotation service to your purpose, you may want to take a look at PubDictionaries, which is a highly customizable, dictionary-based text annotation service.


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OntoGeneER OntoGene Entity RecognitionNico Colic2023-05-31
Glycan-Motif-Image Jin-Dong Kim2022-11-09
PD-ORYZAGP2022-SYMB Annotator based on PubDictionary OryzaGP2022 Oryzabase URIlarmande2022-08-10
Pubtator-Gene Pubtator Gene annotations from pubmed idalo332022-05-06
PD-FMA-PAE-B Batch mode annotator of PD-FMA-PAEJin-Dong Kim2022-04-18
PD-MeSH2022_CHEBI_tuned-B MeSH2022Chemical (Descriptors and Supplementary Concepts that have Tree Numbers beginning with D but not not D12, D13 or D17)+ CHEBI (excluding terms that match (\W|\d)*|\W*\w\W* , manually tuned yucca2021-12-23
AnnotaionByMondo_095 Yasunori Yamamoto2021-12-23
PD_CHEBI_minus_symbols-B CHEBI manually tunedyucca2021-12-23
Cell_line Eisuke Dohi2021-12-23
AnnotationByCellosaurus Yasunori Yamamoto2021-12-23
PD-MeSH2022_C_F03_plus_allFN-B MeSH2022 C and F03, plus all false negativesyucca2021-12-22
PD-MeSH2022_C_and_F03-B MeSH 2022 Disease (C) + Mental Disorder (F03)yucca2021-12-22
PD-MeSH2022_C_and_F03_plus_FN-B MeSH C and F03 terms + FNs of PD_MeSH2022_C_and_F03-B that appear in two or more documentsyucca2021-12-22
PD-NCBIGene Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-22
PD-GlycoGenes20190927-B Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-17
PD-CHEBI-B Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-14
PD-CHEBI Pubdictionaries annotation using the terms sourced from CHEBI, the 2020-03-31 versionJin-Dong Kim2021-12-14
PD-NCBITaxon-B Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-06
PD-UBERON-AE-B It annotates for anatomical entities, based on the UBERON-AE dictionary on PubDictionaries. It used the default threshold, 0.85. It uses the batch mode annotation, and may be used for annotation to a large amount of documents.Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-03
PD-NCBITaxon Jin-Dong Kim2021-12-01
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