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LitCovid-OGERUsing OGER (http://www.ontogene.org/resources/oger) to detect entities from 10 different vocabularies9.31 K2022-09-01Released
LitCovid-PMC-OGER-BBAnnotating PMC articles with OGER and BioBert, according to an hand-crafted Covid-specific dictionary and the 10 different CRAFT ontologies (http://bionlp-corpora.sourceforge.net/CRAFT/): Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (CHEBI), Cell Ontology (CL), Entrez Gene (UBERON), Gene Ontology (biological process (GO-BP), cellular component (GO-CC), and molecular function (GO-MF), NCBI Taxonomy (NCBITaxon), Protein Ontology (PR), Sequence Ontology (SO)3.14 M2023-03-31Developing
LitCovid-OGER-BBUsing OGER (www.ontogene.com) and Biobert to obtain annotations for 10 different vocabularies.308 K2021-10-18Released
oger-json-testTest corpus for testing OGER web service97.6 K2021-03-10Testing
spacy-testRandom set of articles used for testing in the development of the RESTful spaCy parsing web service. Since development is now finished, they are released for the community to use.131 K2021-03-10Released
2015-BEL-Sample-2The 295 BEL statements for sample set used for the 2015 BioCreative challenge.11.4 K2021-03-11Released
bionlp-st-ge-2016-spacy-parsedDependency parses produced by spaCy parser, and part-of-speech tags produced by Stanford tagger (with the wsj-0-18-left3words-nodistsim model). The exact procedure is described here. Data set contains the 34 full paper articles used in the BioNLP 2016 GE task. 225 K2020-10-02Released
bionlp-st-ge-2016-test-teesNER and event extraction produced by TEES (with the default GE11 model) for the 14 full papers used in the BioNLP 2016 GE task test corpus.9.17 K2020-10-02Released
bionlp-st-ge-2016-reference-teesNER and event extraction produced by TEES (with the default GE11 model) for the 20 full papers used in the BioNLP 2016 GE task reference corpus.14.6 K2020-09-13Released
tees-testRandom PMC document used for testing during the development of a RESTful TEES parsing web service.3.39 K2023-05-31Developing

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