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GrayAnatomy 50 (Shoulder Blade)The scapula forms the posterior part of the shoulder girdle. It is a flat, triangula 13.4 KB 2 390 show
GrayAnatomy 4 The spermatozoa or male germ cells are developed in the testes and are present in enormous numbers i 4.67 KB 3 69 show
GrayAnatomy 17 THE GENERAL framework of the body is built up mainly of a series of bones, supplemented, however, in 17.6 KB 2 806 show
GrayAnatomy 38 The maxillæ are the largest bones of the face, excepting the mandible, and form, by their union, the 16.8 KB 2 632 show
GrayAnatomy 18 Bone during life is permeated by vessels, and is enclosed, except where it is coated with articular 26.3 KB 2 906 show
GrayAnatomy 33 (Os Frontale)The frontal bone resembles a cockle-shell in form, and consists of two portions—a verti 9.2 KB 2 304 show
GrayAnatomy 3 The ova are developed from the primitive germ cells which are imbedded in the substance of the ovari 7.71 KB 3 107 show
GrayAnatomy 16 BROMAN: Normale und abnorme Entwicklung des Menschen, 1911. 1 BRYCE, TEACHER and KERR: Contribution 1.11 KB 2 8 show
GrayAnatomy 23 (Vertebræ Lumbales).The lumbar vertebræ (Figs. 92 and 93) are the largest segments of the movable pa 2.78 KB 2 78 show
GrayAnatomy 65 (Phalanges Digitorum Pedis)The phalanges of the foot correspond, in number and general arrangement, 2.83 KB 2 108 show