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GrayAnatomy 11 The yolk-sac (Figs. 22 and 23) is situated on the ventral aspect of the embryo; it is lined by entod 3 27 show
GrayAnatomy 9 Toward the end of the second week transverse segmentation of the paraxial mesoderm begins, and it is 3 18 show
GrayAnatomy 19 (Columna Vertebralis; Spinal Column).The vertebral column is a flexuous and flexible column, formed 2 42 show
GrayAnatomy 5 Fertilization consists in the union of the spermatozoön with the mature ovum (Fig. 8). Nothing is kn 3 39 show
GrayAnatomy 16 BROMAN: Normale und abnorme Entwicklung des Menschen, 1911. 1 BRYCE, TEACHER and KERR: Contribution 2 8 show
GrayAnatomy 7 In front of the primitive streak two longitudinal ridges, caused by a folding up of the ectoderm, ma 3 53 show
GrayAnatomy 8 The notochord (Fig. 19) consists of a rod of cells situated on the ventral aspect of the neural tube 3 26 show
GrayAnatomy 15 —It is during this month that the first movements of the fetus are usually observed. The eruption of 3 29 show
GrayAnatomy 10 The embryo increases rapidly in size, but the circumference of the embryonic disk, or line of meetin 3 32 show
GrayAnatomy 23 (Vertebræ Lumbales).The lumbar vertebræ (Figs. 92 and 93) are the largest segments of the movable pa 2 78 show