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GrayAnatomy 12 In reptiles, birds, and many mammals the allantois becomes expanded into a vesicle which projects in 2 460 show
GrayAnatomy 29 (Cartilagines Costales)The costal cartilages (Fig. 115) are bars of hyaline cartilage which serve to 1 130 show
GrayAnatomy 10 The embryo increases rapidly in size, but the circumference of the embryonic disk, or line of meetin 2 39 show
GrayAnatomy 3 The ova are developed from the primitive germ cells which are imbedded in the substance of the ovari 2 146 show
GrayAnatomy 43 The vomer is situated in the median plane, but its anterior portion is frequently bent to one or oth 1 63 show
GrayAnatomy 36 (Os Ethmoidale)The ethmoid bone is exceedingly light and spongy, and cubical in shape; it is situate 1 234 show
GrayAnatomy 28 (Costæ)The ribs are elastic arches of bone, which form a large part of the thoracic skeleton. They a 1 203 show
GrayAnatomy 15 —It is during this month that the first movements of the fetus are usually observed. The eruption of 2 38 show
GrayAnatomy 38 The maxillæ are the largest bones of the face, excepting the mandible, and form, by their union, the 1 438 show
GrayAnatomy 22 (Vertebræ Thoracales).The thoracic vertebræ (Fig. 90) are intermediate in size between those of the 2 470 show