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GrayAnatomy 28 (Costæ)The ribs are elastic arches of bone, which form a large part of the thoracic skeleton. They a 1 203 show
GrayAnatomy 48 The bones by which the upper and lower limbs are attached to the trunk constitute respectively the s 1 30 show
GrayAnatomy 15 —It is during this month that the first movements of the fetus are usually observed. The eruption of 2 38 show
GrayAnatomy 11 The yolk-sac (Figs. 22 and 23) is situated on the ventral aspect of the embryo; it is lined by entod 2 36 show
GrayAnatomy 51 (Arm Bone)The humerus (Figs. 207, 208) is the longest and largest bone of the upper extremity; it is 1 282 show
GrayAnatomy 67 (Ossa Sesamoidea)Sesamoid bones are small more or less rounded masses embedded in certain tendons an 1 140 show
GrayAnatomy 52 (Elbow Bone) 56The ulna (Figs. 212, 213) is a long bone, prismatic in form, placed at the medial sid 1 263 show
GrayAnatomy 38 The maxillæ are the largest bones of the face, excepting the mandible, and form, by their union, the 1 438 show
GrayAnatomy 5 Fertilization consists in the union of the spermatozoön with the mature ovum (Fig. 8). Nothing is kn 2 43 show
GrayAnatomy 47 The middle part of the fossa presents, in front, the chiasmatic groove and tuberculum sellæ; the chi 1 709 show