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GrayAnatomy 13 The mandibular arch lies between the first branchial groove and the stomodeum; from it are developed 3 555 show
GrayAnatomy 20 A typical vertebra consists of two essential parts—viz., an anterior segment, the body, and a poster 2 118 show
GrayAnatomy 25 The vertebral column is situated in the median line, as the posterior part of the trunk; its average 1 131 show
GrayAnatomy 61 (Shin Bone)The tibia (Figs. 258, 259) is situated at the medial side of the leg, and, excepting the 1 235 show
GrayAnatomy 14 In the human embryo described by Peters the mesoderm outside the embryonic disk is split into two la 3 190 show
GrayAnatomy 65 (Phalanges Digitorum Pedis)The phalanges of the foot correspond, in number and general arrangement, 1 58 show
GrayAnatomy 62 (Calf Bone)The fibula (Figs. 258, 259) is placed on the lateral side of the tibia, with which it is 1 149 show
GrayAnatomy 33 (Os Frontale)The frontal bone resembles a cockle-shell in form, and consists of two portions—a verti 1 204 show
GrayAnatomy 43 The vomer is situated in the median plane, but its anterior portion is frequently bent to one or oth 1 63 show
GrayAnatomy 54 The skeleton of the hand (Figs. 219, 220) is subdivided into three segments: the carpus or wrist bon 1 301 show