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GrayAnatomy 46 The skull as a whole may be viewed from different points, and the views so obtained are termed the n 2 1289 show
GrayAnatomy 63 The skeleton of the foot (Figs. 268 and 269) consists of three parts: the tarsus, metatarsus, and ph 2 644 show
GrayAnatomy 11 The yolk-sac (Figs. 22 and 23) is situated on the ventral aspect of the embryo; it is lined by entod 4 81 show
GrayAnatomy 41 (Os Palatinum; Palate Bone)The palatine bone is situated at the back part of the nasal cavity betwee 2 296 show
GrayAnatomy 64 The metatarsus consists of five bones which are numbered from the medial side (ossa metatarsalia I.- 2 185 show
GrayAnatomy 32 (Os Parietale)The parietal bones form, by their union, the sides and roof of the cranium. Each bone 2 126 show
GrayAnatomy 59 (Thigh Bone)The femur (Figs. 244, 245), the longest and strongest bone in the skeleton, is almost pe 2 1076 show
GrayAnatomy 25 The vertebral column is situated in the median line, as the posterior part of the trunk; its average 2 176 show
GrayAnatomy 5 Fertilization consists in the union of the spermatozoön with the mature ovum (Fig. 8). Nothing is kn 4 108 show
GrayAnatomy 61 (Shin Bone)The tibia (Figs. 258, 259) is situated at the medial side of the leg, and, excepting the 2 354 show