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GrayAnatomy 6 The early segmentation of the human ovum has not yet been observed, but judging from what is known t 2 199 show
GrayAnatomy 4 The spermatozoa or male germ cells are developed in the testes and are present in enormous numbers i 2 91 show
GrayAnatomy 2 THE TERM Embryology, in its widest sense, is applied to the various changes which take place during 2 155 show
GrayAnatomy 12 In reptiles, birds, and many mammals the allantois becomes expanded into a vesicle which projects in 2 460 show
GrayAnatomy 25 The vertebral column is situated in the median line, as the posterior part of the trunk; its average 1 131 show
GrayAnatomy 24 The sacral and coccygeal vertebræ consist at an early period of life of nine separate segments which 1 493 show
GrayAnatomy 23 (Vertebræ Lumbales).The lumbar vertebræ (Figs. 92 and 93) are the largest segments of the movable pa 2 142 show
GrayAnatomy 22 (Vertebræ Thoracales).The thoracic vertebræ (Fig. 90) are intermediate in size between those of the 2 470 show
GrayAnatomy 20 A typical vertebra consists of two essential parts—viz., an anterior segment, the body, and a poster 2 118 show
GrayAnatomy 19 (Columna Vertebralis; Spinal Column).The vertebral column is a flexuous and flexible column, formed 2 46 show