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[New definition of optimal vitamin D status and redefening serum parathyroid hormone reference range]. Nouvelles définitions de l'insuffisance vitaminique D, retentissement sur les normes de PTH. SCOPE: Knowledge concerning vitamin D has greatly improved during the past few years. Vitamin D can no longer be considered only as a preventive therapy for rickets-osteomalacia. Indeed, beside its role in the prevention of osteoporotic fractures in the elderly, many data suggest that it may be involved in the prevention of various diseases including cancers and auto-immune diseases. CURRENT SITUATION AND SALIENT POINTS: Vitamin D status may be easily assessed by the measurement of 25OHD serum concentration. However, many specialists in the field regard most 25OHD reference values as being too low, and believe that the 25OHD threshold below which vitamin D status can be considered as insufficient is somewhere between 50 and 100 nmol/L (20 to 40 ng/mL). It then appears that usually recommended amounts of supplemental vitamin D may be too low to reach these 25OHD concentrations, and thus need to be revised. We have proposed that PTH reference values should be established in healthy subjects with a normal vitamin D status. This supposes that 25OHD is measured in the reference population beforehand, and that the subjects with vitamin D insufficiency are eliminated from the reference group. PERSPECTIVES: Although more complicated than the usual way to establish normative data, we have shown that it decreases the upper limit of normal by 25-35%, enhancing thus the diagnostic sensitivity for hyperparathyroidism without a decrease in specificity.

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