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MeSH C and F03 terms + FNs of PD_MeSH2022_C_and_F03-B that appear in two or more documents

Creator yucca
URL https://pubdictionaries.org/text_annotation.json?dictionary=Addition_for_LitCoin_Disease,MeSH2022Disease,MeSH2022MentalDisorder&threshold=0.9&abbreviation=true&longest=true&verbose=true
Method POST
_body_ = _doc_
Protocol Async
Max Text Size 100,000 (default)
  • Transform the label (the object) into the value of the attribute, originalLabel,
  • for the entity whose label is DiseaseOrPhenotypicFeature.
    (The entity will be created if it does not already exist.)
    (In the 'merge' mode, the attribute will be merged to the existing entity with the same label if any.)