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PD-MeSH2022_C_and_F03_plus_FN-B List

MeSH C and F03 terms + FNs of PD_MeSH2022_C_and_F03-B that appear in two or more documents

Creator yucca
URL https://pubdictionaries.org/text_annotation.json?dictionary=Addition_for_LitCoin_Disease,MeSH2022Disease,MeSH2022MentalDisorder&threshold=0.9&abbreviation=true&longest=true&verbose=true
Method POST
_body_ = _doc_
Protocol Async
Max Text Size 100,000 (default)
  • The labels (the object) will be transformed to the value of the attrbitue: originalLabel, and
  • The labels will be filled with: DiseaseOrPhenotypicFeature