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It is the benchmark reference data set of the BioNLP-ST 2016 GE task. It includes Genia-style event annotations to 20 full paper articles which are about NFκB proteins. The task is to develop an automatic annotation system which can produce annotation similar to the annotation in this data set as much as possible.

For evaluation of the performance of a participating system, the system needs to produce annotations to the documents in the benchmark test data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-test).

GE 2016 benchmark data set is provided as multi-layer annotations which include:

Following is supporting resources:

  • bionlp-st-ge-2016-coref: coreference annotation
  • bionlp-st-ge-2016-uniprot: Protein annotation with UniProt IDs.
  • pmc-enju-pas: dependency parsing result produced by Enju
  • UBERON-AE: annotation for anatomical entities as defined in UBERON
  • ICD10: annotation for disease names as defined in ICD10
  • GO-BP: annotation for biological process names as defined in GO
  • GO-CC: annotation for cellular component names as defined in GO

A SPARQL-driven search interface is provided at http://bionlp.dbcls.jp/sparql.

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