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Id Subject Object Predicate Lexical cue
T3 0-2 IN denotes In
T4 3-13 NN denotes conclusion
T7 13-14 , denotes ,
T5 15-17 PRP denotes we
T6 18-22 VBP denotes have
T8 23-33 VBN denotes identified
T9 34-37 DT denotes the
T10 38-46 NN denotes tyrosine
T11 47-53 NN denotes kinase
T12 53-54 , denotes ,
T13 55-59 NN denotes PYK2
T15 59-60 , denotes ,
T14 61-63 IN denotes as
T16 64-67 DT denotes the
T17 68-77 NN denotes modulator
T18 77-78 , denotes ,
T19 79-84 WDT denotes which
T20 85-90 VBZ denotes plays
T21 91-92 DT denotes a
T22 93-100 JJ denotes crucial
T23 101-105 NN denotes role
T24 106-108 IN denotes in
T25 109-112 DT denotes the
T26 113-123 NN denotes activation
T27 124-126 IN denotes of
T2 127-131 NN denotes CaCC
T28 132-135 CC denotes and
T29 136-140 NN denotes CFTR
T30 141-143 IN denotes by
T1 144-153 NN denotes spiperone
R1 T8 T4 nmod identified,conclusion
R10 T23 T21 det role,a
R11 T23 T22 amod role,crucial
R12 T20 T23 dobj plays,role
R13 T26 T24 case activation,in
R14 T26 T25 det activation,the
R15 T20 T26 nmod plays,activation
R16 T2 T27 case CaCC,of
R17 T26 T2 nmod activation,CaCC
R18 T2 T28 cc CaCC,and
R19 T2 T29 conj CaCC,CFTR
R2 T4 T3 case conclusion,In
R20 T1 T30 case spiperone,by
R21 T26 T1 nmod activation,spiperone
R22 T20 T19 nsubj plays,which
R23 T17 T16 det modulator,the
R24 T8 T17 nmod identified,modulator
R3 T8 T5 nsubj identified,we
R4 T8 T6 aux identified,have
R5 T11 T9 det kinase,the
R6 T11 T10 compound kinase,tyrosine
R7 T8 T11 dobj identified,kinase
R8 T11 T13 appos kinase,PYK2
R9 T17 T20 acl:relcl modulator,plays