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    {"project":"LitCovid-Pubtator-v2","denotations":[{"id":"1","span":{"begin":69,"end":77},"obj":"Disease"}],"attributes":[{"id":"A1","subj":"1","obj":"MESH:C000657245","pred":"normalizes_to"}],"text":"#pandemicpedagogy: using twitter for knowledge exchange\nAbstract\nThe COVID\u201019 crisis has resulted in homeworking becoming the norm internationally. As a result, international, national and institutional medical education conferences, workshops and seminars have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Consequently, the opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking has been reduced. Hull York Medical School runs a medical education research unit with associated masters and PhD programmes that rely on conferences as opportunities for postgraduate students to learn from others in the field, showcase their research and innovative pedagogy, as well as network for future employment."}