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Glycosmos6This collection contains annotation projects which target all the PubMed abstracts (at the time of January 14, 2022) from the 6 glycobiology-related journals: Glycobiology Glycoconjugate journal The Journal of biological chemistry Journal of proteome research Journal of proteomics Carbohydrate research 2022-02-21
CORD-19CORD-19 (COVID-19 Open Research Dataset) is a free, open resource for the global research community provided by the Allen Institute for AI: https://pages.semanticscholar.org/coronavirus-research. As of 2020-03-20, it contains over 29,000 full text articles. This CORD-19 collection at PubAnnotation is prepared for the purpose of collecting annotations to the texts, so that they can be easily accessed and utilized. If you want to contribute with your annotation, take the documents in the CORD-19_All_docs project, produce your annotation to the texts using your annotation system, and contribute the annotation back to PubAnnotation (HowTo). All the contributed annotations will become publicly available. Please note that, during uploading your annotation data, you do not need to be worried about slight changes in the text: PubAnnotation will automatically catch them and adjust the positions appropriately. Once you have uploaded your annotation, please notify it to admin@pubannotation.org admin@pubannotation.org, so that it can be included in this collection, which will make your annotation much easily findable. Note that as the CORD-19 dataset grows, the documents in this collection also will be updated. IMPORTANT: CORD-19 License agreement requires that the dataset must be used for text and data mining only.2020-04-14


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LitCovid-PD-HP922 K2021-06-19Beta
LitCoin-training-merged14.8 K2021-12-27
LitCovid-sample-Glycan3.21 K2021-01-19Testing

Automatic annotators

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PD-FMA-PAEPhysical Anatomical Entities from FMA
PD-UBERON-AE-BIt annotates for anatomical entities, based on the UBERON-AE dictionary on PubDictionaries. It used the default threshold, 0.85. It uses the batch mode annotation, and may be used for annotation to a large amount of documents.
PD-FMA-PAE-BBatch mode annotator of PD-FMA-PAE
PD-GlycoEpitope-BA batch annotator using PubDictionaries with the dictionary 'GlycoEpitope'
PD-MONDO-BPubDictionaries annotation with the MONDO dictionary. Asynchronous protocol.
EnjuParserEnju HPSG Parser developed by University of Tokyo.


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TextAE-oldTextAE version 4, which was the latest stable version until Apr. 19, 2020.
TextAE-DevIt is a development version of TextAE. While this version has richer features, there is a chance of some bugs.
TextAETextAE version 5, which enables edition of attributes of denotations.