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Training in manual material handling: what is going on in the field? During the last five years, several research review studies have revealed insufficient or even no proof that courses in manual material handling (MMH) are effective at preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). These revelations are placing the current daily practice of MMH trainers under scrutiny. This study analyses how the MMH courses are organised in practice. A web-based questionnaire was developed for trainers. Only trainers giving MMH courses on a regular basis were included. The questionnaire focussed on general characteristics of the courses, content issues and organisational aspects. The results clearly indicated that the MMH courses can only be considered as a means of making employees aware of good manual handling. Not all content issues that should be addressed in effective MMH courses, are looked at in practice. This is mainly due to time restrictions that trainers experience, often imposed by the company. In conclusion, these organisational restrictions might explain the ineffectiveness of the MMH courses and should therefore be resolved.

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