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LASIGE(old)The global motivation is the creation of parallel multilingual datasets for text mining systems in COVID-19-related literature. The expected contribution of the project will be the annotation of a multilingual parallel dataset (EN-ES and EN-PT), providing this resource to the community to improve the text mining research on COVID-19-related literature.pruas_182021-01-20
LitCovidJin-Dong Kim2021-05-27
LitCovid-sampleVarious annotations to a sample set of LitCovid, to demonstrate potential of harmonized various annotations.Jin-Dong Kim2021-01-14
LitCovid-v1This collection includes the result from the Covid-19 Virtual Hackathon. LitCovid is a comprehensive literature resource on the subject of Covid-19 collected by NCBI: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/research/coronavirus/ Since the literature dataset was released, several groups are producing annotations to the dataset. To facilitate a venue for aggregating the valuable resources which are highly relevant to each other, and should be much more useful when they can be accessed together, this PubAnnotation collection is set up. It is a part of the Covid19-PubAnnotation project. In this collection, the LitCovid-docs project contains all the documents contained in the LitCovid literature collection, and the other projects are annotation datasets contributed by various groups. It is an open collection, which means anyone who wants to contribute can do so, in the following way: take the documents in the, LitCovid-docs project produce annotation to the texts based on your resource, and contribute the annotation back to this collection: create your own project at PubAnnotaiton, upload your annotation to the project (HowTo), and add the project to this collection. All the contributed annotations will become publicly available. Please note that, during uploading your annotation data, you do not need to be worried about slight changes in the text: PubAnnotation will automatically catch them and adjust the positions appropriately. Should you have any question, please feel free to mail to admin@pubannotation.org. Jin-Dong Kim2020-11-20
med-device-indicationsPMA approval statements describing indications of class III devicestherightstef2020-02-05
NeuroBridge Testraywang2021-05-13
PIRProtein Information Resource (PIR)Yue Wang2019-03-12
PreeclampsiaPreeclampsia-related annotations for text miningJin-Dong Kim2019-03-10
SMAFIRAWeb toolzebet2021-01-27
WMT Biomedical Taskwmtbio2020-12-18