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med-device-indicationsPMA approval statements describing indications of class III devices2020-02-05


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blah6_medical_deviceBLAH6 hackathon project to annotate medical device indications in premarket approval statement summaries. The documents in this project serve as a corpus of premarket approval (PMA) statements that have undergone quality control. In particular, we have (1) removed non-ascii characters, (2) fixed some text segmentation errors, and (3) fixed some capitalization errors.02020-02-13Beta
PMA_Age_IndicationsCollection of PMA statements with manually annotated age indications.1202020-02-25Developing
PMA_ManualManually annotated examples of medical device PMA approval statements1812020-02-14Developing
PMA_MERPMAs annotated using MERpy.58.9 K2020-03-03Developing

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