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NameDescriptionUpdated at
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GlycoBiologyAnnotations made to the titles and abstracts of the journal 'GlycoBiology'2019-03-10
PreeclampsiaPreeclampsia-related annotations for text mining2019-03-10
bionlp-st-ge-2016The 2016 edition of the Genia event extraction (GE) task organized within BioNLP-ST 20162019-03-11


NameTDescription# Ann.Updated atStatus
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PubMed-2017abstracts published in 2017.02017-09-01Developing
DisGeNet-2017-sample2.93 K2017-09-25Testing
Preeclampsia-compare67.4 K2019-01-31Testing
GlycoGenesannotation for glyco-genes based on GGDB1.01 K2017-09-15Developing
PubMed-2000abstracts published in 2000.02017-09-01Developing
PubMed-2010abstracts published in 201002017-09-01
MyTest7.29 K2019-03-22Testing
performance-testa project for performance test487 K2018-07-15Testing
UBERON-AEAnnotation for anatomical entities based on the "Anatomical Entity" subtree of UBERON ontology. Annotations are automatically produced using PubDictionaries with threshold: 0.85.865 K2018-01-27Developing
genia-medco-corefCoreference annotation made to the Genia corpus, following the MUC annotation scheme. It is a product of the collaboration between the Genia and the MedCo projects.46.1 K2017-09-02Developing

Automatic annotators

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TextSentencersentence segmentation
EnjuParserEnju HPSG Parser developed by University of Tokyo.
PD-UBERON-AE-BIt annotates for anatomical entities, based on the UBERON-AE dictionary on PubDictionaries. It used the default threshold, 0.85. It uses the batch mode annotation, and may be used for annotation to a large amount of documents.
PD-UBERON-AEIt annotates for anatomical entities, based on the UBERON-AE dictionary on PubDictionaries. Threshold is set to 0.85.
PD-GlycoEpitope-BA batch annotator using PubDictionaries with the dictionary 'GlycoEpitope'
PubTator-ChemicalTo pull the pre-computed chemical annotation from PubTator.
PubTator-GeneTo pull the pre-computed gene annotation from PubTator.
PubTator-SpeciesTo pull the pre-computed Species annotation from PubTator.


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TextAE-DevIt is a development version of TextAE. While this version has richer features, there is a chance of some bugs.
TextAEIt is a "Text Annotation Editor" developed by DBCLS. It is developed as a model implementation of PubAnnotation-interoperable viewer/editor.