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NameTDescription# Ann.AuthorMaintainerUpdated_atStatus

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uniprot-mouseProtein annotation based on UniProt11.5 KJin-Dong Kim2016-04-27Developing
SNPPhenoExt3behrouz bokharaeianbokharaeian2016-04-30Developing
GO-CCAnnotation for cellular components as defined in the "Cellular Component" subtree of Gene Ontology17.6 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-03Developing
ICD10Annotation for disease names as defined in ICD101.6 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-04Developing
tees-testRandom PMC document used for testing during the development of a RESTful TEES parsing web service.467Nico ColicNico Colic2016-05-25Developing
GO-BPAnnotation for biological processes as defined in the "Biological Process" subset of Gene Ontology35.4 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-06-04Developing
Annotation-Euglena-Enzymes0Shuichi Kawashima2016-06-13Developing
PMC-KEGGDocuments from PMC including the word KEGG, with names of software tools and databases marked. 27yucca2016-08-04Developing
BioMedLATAnnotation of 643 questions from BioASQ with the Lexical Answer Type (LAT) and headword.02016-09-23Developing
dailymed_splAnnotation of indications from DailyMed structured product labels0micheldumontier2016-10-08Developing
NER-microbes10Shuichi Kawashima2016-10-13Developing
tagtog-demodemo documents produced by tagtog annotations262tagtog2017-04-03Developing
PubMed-2017abstracts published in 2017.0Jin-Dong Kim2017-09-01Developing
PubMed-2000abstracts published in 2000.0Jin-Dong Kim2017-09-01Developing
genia-medco-corefCoreference annotation made to the Genia corpus, following the MUC annotation scheme. It is a product of the collaboration between the Genia and the MedCo projects.46.1 KMedCo project & Genia projectJin-Dong Kim2017-09-02Developing
GlycoGenesannotation for glyco-genes based on GGDB1.01 KJin-Dong Kim2017-09-15Developing
pmc-enju-pasPredicate-argument structure annotation produced by Enju. This data set is initially produced as a supporting resource for BioNLP-ST 2016 GE task. As so, it currently includes the 34 full paper articles that are in the benchmark data sets of GE 2016 task, reference data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-reference) and test data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-test), but will be extended to include more papers from the PubMed Central Open Access subset (PMCOA). 205 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2017-11-07Developing
AGCA_SueActive Gene Annotation Corpus for the Application in Drug Repurposing Discovery0Jingbo Xia, Xuan Qin, Kaiyin Zhou2017-11-13Developing
UBERON-AEAnnotation for anatomical entities based on the "Anatomical Entity" subtree of UBERON ontology. Annotations are automatically produced using PubDictionaries with threshold: 0.85.865 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2018-01-27Developing
GlycoConjugate-collectionThe PubMed entries (titles and abstracts) from the journal of GlycoConjugate0Jin-Dong Kim2018-02-09Developing
NameT# Ann.AuthorMaintainerUpdated_atStatus

81-100 / 281 show all
uniprot-mouse11.5 KJin-Dong Kim2016-04-27Developing
SNPPhenoExt3behrouz bokharaeianbokharaeian2016-04-30Developing
GO-CC17.6 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-03Developing
ICD101.6 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-04Developing
tees-test467Nico ColicNico Colic2016-05-25Developing
GO-BP35.4 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-06-04Developing
Annotation-Euglena-Enzymes0Shuichi Kawashima2016-06-13Developing
NER-microbes10Shuichi Kawashima2016-10-13Developing
PubMed-20170Jin-Dong Kim2017-09-01Developing
PubMed-20000Jin-Dong Kim2017-09-01Developing
genia-medco-coref46.1 KMedCo project & Genia projectJin-Dong Kim2017-09-02Developing
GlycoGenes1.01 KJin-Dong Kim2017-09-15Developing
pmc-enju-pas205 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2017-11-07Developing
AGCA_Sue0Jingbo Xia, Xuan Qin, Kaiyin Zhou2017-11-13Developing
UBERON-AE865 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2018-01-27Developing
GlycoConjugate-collection0Jin-Dong Kim2018-02-09Developing