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DisGeNET5_variant_diseaseThe file contains variant-disease associations obtained by text mining MEDLINE abstracts using the BeFree system, including the variant and disease off sets. 144 KIBI GroupYue Wang2019-01-09Released
DisGeNET5_gene_diseaseThe file contains gene-disease associations obtained by text mining MEDLINE abstracts using the BeFree system including the gene and disease off sets.2.04 MIBI GroupYue Wang2019-01-17Released
craftTest bed for PubAnnotation query development.53 KKevin Bretonnel CohenKevinBretonnelCohen2015-10-13Beta
CRAFT-treebankPenn Treebank markup for each sentence of the Colorado Richly Annotated Full Text Corpus (CRAFT).844 KUColoradoJin-Dong Kim2015-11-19Beta
DisGeNETDisease-Gene association annotation.3.12 MNuria Queralt Jin-Dong Kim2016-01-28Beta
NEUROSESThis corpus is composed of PubMed articles containing cognitive enhancers and anti-depressants drug mentions. The selected sentences are automatically annotated using the NCBO Annotator with the Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (CHEBI) and Phenotypic Quality Ontology (PATO) ontologies, we also produced annotations using PhenoMiner ontology via a dictionary-based tagger.2.15 Mnestoralvaro2016-02-24Beta
bionlp-st-ge-2016-uniprotUniProt protein annotation to the benchmark data set of BioNLP-ST 2016 GE task: reference data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-reference) and test data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-test). The annotations are produced based on a dictionary which is semi-automatically compiled for the 34 full paper articles included in the benchmark data set (20 in the reference data set + 14 in the test data set). For detailed information about BioNLP-ST GE 2016 task data sets, please refer to the benchmark reference data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-reference) and benchmark test data set (bionlp-st-ge-2016-test). 16.2 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-22Beta
Ab3P-abbreviationsThis corpus was developed during the creation of the Ab3P abbreviation definition identification tool. It includes 1250 manually annotated MEDLINE records. This gold standard includes 1221 abbreviation-definition pairs. Abbreviation definition identification based on automatic precision estimates Sunghwan Sohn, Donald C Comeau, Won Kim and W John Wilbur BMC Bioinformatics20089:402 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-9-4022.34 KSunghwan Sohn, Donald C Comeau, Won Kim and W John Wilburcomeau2016-07-29Beta
PubCasesHPOHPO annotation in PubCases3.2 MToyofumi Fujiwara2017-09-06Beta
PubCasesORDOORDO annotation in PubCases869 KToyofumi Fujiwara2017-09-14Beta
PubmedHPOHuman phenotype annotation to PubMed abstracts, based on the HPO ontology12.4 MTudor Grozatudor2017-10-11Beta
QFMC_MEDLINEQuaero French Medical Corpus: Annotation of MEDLINE titles5.97 KAurélie NévéolPierre Zweigenbaum2018-01-24Beta
Genomics_InformaticsGenomics & Informatics (NLM title abbreviation: Genomics Inform) is the official journal of the Korea Genome Organization. Text corpus for this journal annotated with various levels of linguistic information would be a valuable resource as the process of information extraction requires syntactic, semantic, and higher levels of natural language processing. In this study, we publish our new corpus called GNI Corpus version 1.0, extracted and annotated from full texts of Genomics & Informatics, with NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit)-based text mining script. The preliminary version of the corpus could be used as a training and testing set of a system that serves a variety of functions for future biomedical text mining.35.3 KHyun-Seok Parkewha-bio2018-11-27Beta
IMDB-NLPAnnotations for chunking and semantic role labeling based on in-memory databases.02016-05-06Uploading
AnEM_full-texts250 documents selected randomly from full-text papers Entity types: organism subdivision, anatomical system, organ, multi-tissue structure, tissue, cell, developing anatomical structure, cellular component, organism substance, immaterial anatomical entity and pathological formation Together with AnEM_abstracts, it is probably the largest manually annotated corpus on anatomical entities.689NaCTeMYue Wang2016-07-27Uploading
CoGe_Citation_AnnotationsAnnotated PMC abstracts+full articles, that cite the "CoGe" papers (PMID: 18952863, 18269575). Total Num Citations: 165 Total Num Unique Citations: 141 Total Num Abstracts: 165 Total Num Whole Articles: 165 0Heather Lenthclent2016-10-11Uploading
tagtogOpenAccess annotations coming from tagtog.net0tagtogtagtog2015-02-23Developing
NFkB_GeneIDAssignment of Entrez Gene IDs to the gene-references appearing in PMC full texts.2.31 KYo Shidahara2015-02-26Developing
新着論文レビュー新着論文レビューに関するアノテーション。10.8 KDatabase Center for Life ScienceYasunori Yamamoto2015-06-08Developing
KAIST_NLP_Annotation34.73 Kkaist_nlp2015-09-21Developing
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DisGeNET5_variant_disease144 KIBI GroupYue Wang2019-01-09Released
DisGeNET5_gene_disease2.04 MIBI GroupYue Wang2019-01-17Released
craft53 KKevin Bretonnel CohenKevinBretonnelCohen2015-10-13Beta
CRAFT-treebank844 KUColoradoJin-Dong Kim2015-11-19Beta
DisGeNET3.12 MNuria Queralt Jin-Dong Kim2016-01-28Beta
NEUROSES2.15 Mnestoralvaro2016-02-24Beta
bionlp-st-ge-2016-uniprot16.2 KDBCLSJin-Dong Kim2016-05-22Beta
Ab3P-abbreviations2.34 KSunghwan Sohn, Donald C Comeau, Won Kim and W John Wilburcomeau2016-07-29Beta
PubCasesHPO3.2 MToyofumi Fujiwara2017-09-06Beta
PubCasesORDO869 KToyofumi Fujiwara2017-09-14Beta
PubmedHPO12.4 MTudor Grozatudor2017-10-11Beta
QFMC_MEDLINE5.97 KAurélie NévéolPierre Zweigenbaum2018-01-24Beta
Genomics_Informatics35.3 KHyun-Seok Parkewha-bio2018-11-27Beta
AnEM_full-texts689NaCTeMYue Wang2016-07-27Uploading
CoGe_Citation_Annotations0Heather Lenthclent2016-10-11Uploading
NFkB_GeneID2.31 KYo Shidahara2015-02-26Developing
新着論文レビュー10.8 KDatabase Center for Life ScienceYasunori Yamamoto2015-06-08Developing
KAIST_NLP_Annotation34.73 Kkaist_nlp2015-09-21Developing