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PMC 3359311 Inflammasome-Mediated IL-1β Production in Humans with Cystic Fibrosis IL-1β Production in Cystic Fib 33.4 KB 24 5,832 show
PMC 3245220 M-CSF Induces Monocyte Survival by Activating NF-κB p65 Phosphorylation at Ser276 via Protein Kinase 49.1 KB 27 7,787 show
PMC 3148254 HOIL-1L Interacting Protein (HOIP) Is Essential for CD40 Signaling HOIP Is Essential for CD40 Signal 33.5 KB 22 5,618 show
PMC 3586680 Tumor Suppressor WWOX and p53 Alterations and Drug Resistance in Glioblastomas Abstract Tumor suppr 22.6 KB 33 4,075 show
PMC 3062687 IKKβ phosphorylation regulates RPS3 nuclear translocation and NF-κB function during Escherichia coli 34.9 KB 27 5,616 show
PMC 2664230 Insights into the Regulation of TNF-α Production in Human Mononuclear Cells: The Effects of Non-Spec 24.5 KB 26 2,738 show
PMC 2806624 Transcription factors RUNX1 and RUNX3 in the induction and suppressive function of Foxp3+ inducible 56.8 KB 24 9,475 show
PMC 2222968 GATA3-Driven Th2 Responses Inhibit TGF-β1–Induced FOXP3 Expression and the Formation of Regulatory T 48.3 KB 27 7,485 show
PMC 2065877 EBV Latent Membrane Protein 1 Activates Akt, NFκB, and Stat3 in B Cell Lymphomas LMP1 Activates Akt, 51 KB 22 8,457 show
PMC 2800179 Degraded Carrageenan Causing Colitis in Rats Induces TNF Secretion and ICAM-1 Upregulation in Monocy 37.7 KB 24 6,870 show