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PMC 1064854 PGC-1α Deficiency Causes Multi-System Energy Metabolic Derangements: Muscle Dysfunction, Abnormal We 3 0 show
PMC 1084331 A Developmental Switch in the Response of DRG Neurons to ETS Transcription Factor Signaling Two ETS 3 0 show
PMC 1087847 Nuclear localization of Annexin A7 during murine brain development Background Annexin A7 is a member 3 0 show
PMC 1140370 DNA binding and helicase actions of mouse MCM4/6/7 helicase Helicases play central roles in initiati 2 0 show
PMC 1142324 Ataxia and peripheral nerve hypomyelination in ADAM22-deficient mice Background ADAM22 is a member o 2 0 show
PMC 116589 Embryonic stem cells and mice expressing different GFP variants for multiple non-invasive reporter u 2 0 show
PMC 1166548 Potential genetic modifiers of the cystic fibrosis intestinal inflammatory phenotype on mouse chromo 2 0 show
PMC 1181811 Haplotypes at theTas2rlocus on distal chromosome 6 vary with quinine taste sensitivity in inbred mic 2 0 show
PMC 1183529 Fog2Is Required for Normal Diaphragm and Lung Development in Mice and Humans Congenital diaphragmati 2 0 show
PMC 1186732 A Hybrid Photoreceptor Expressing Both Rod and Cone Genes in a Mouse Model of Enhanced S-Cone Syndro 2 0 show