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PMC 48141 Intraocular pressure in genetically distinct mice: an update and strain survey Background Little is 6 28 show
PMC 138691 BRCA2 and homologous recombination Two recent papers provide new evidence relevant to the role of th 5 18 show
PMC 88885 Cloning and characterization of the mouseMcoln1gene reveals an alternatively spliced transcript not 5 53 show
PMC 116589 Embryonic stem cells and mice expressing different GFP variants for multiple non-invasive reporter u 5 38 show
PMC 149350 Morphological characterization of the AlphaA- and AlphaB-crystallin double knockout mouse lens Backg 5 39 show
PMC 149366 Brn3c null mutant mice show long-term, incomplete retention of some afferent inner ear innervation B 5 53 show
PMC 194730 Function, expression and localization of annexin A7 in platelets and red blood cells: Insights deriv 5 57 show
PMC 280685 A model of tripeptidyl-peptidase I (CLN2), a ubiquitous and highly conserved member of the sedolisin 5 37 show
PMC 329117 Odorant receptor expressed sequence tags demonstrate olfactory expression of over 400 genes, extensi 5 80 show
PMC 340383 Molecular cloning and characterization of the mouseAcdpgene family Background We have recently clone 5 56 show