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The gene abbreviations are as follows: AGL5: AGAMOUS-LIKE 5; GL2: GLABRA 2; LEC1: LEAFY COTELYDON 1; L1L: LEAFY COTELYDON 1 LIKE; WRI1: WRINKLED 1; ABI3: ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 3; EEL: ENHANCED EM (EMBRYO MORPHOGENESIS) LEVEL; FUS3: FUSCA 3; ABI5: ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 5; PKL: PICKLE; ASIL1: ARABIDOPSIS 6B-INTERACTING PROTEIN 1-LIKE 1. To computationally identify cis-acting regulatory elements, the upstream promoter sequences for the genes involved in storage reserve biosynthesis were extracted from the RSAT server [73].

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