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BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-15345452-012 This microbial diversity reflected the dominant bacterial species of the ecosystem (39).The molecul 987 Bytes 1 13 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-19526548 Insight into the core and variant exoproteomes of Listeria monocytogenes species by comparative subp 1.51 KB 1 10 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-24794620-008 Similarly to previous studies (Maoz et al., 2003, Mounier et al., 2009 and Quigley et al., 2013), we 1.88 KB 1 41 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-24651768 Conjunctival scarring in trachoma is associated with the HLA-C ligand of KIR and is exacerbated by h 2 KB 1 22 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-23895665 Comparison of laboratory costs of rapid molecular tests and conventional diagnostics for detection o 1.41 KB 1 24 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-8211027 [Cervical lymphadenitis due to Mycobacterium malmoense in a child: case report and differential diag 1.11 KB 1 23 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-20637430 The role of routine immunohistochemistry for Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy. Helicobacter pyl 1.72 KB 1 27 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-9521139 Capsular serotype and antibiotic resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in two Chilean citi 1.31 KB 1 30 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-25648083-001 L. johnsonii FI9785 was able to produce biofilms on glass tubes (Additional file 1: Figure S1A) and 841 Bytes 1 23 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-24794620-012 he presence of Staphylococcus equorum and several other species of coagulase-negative staphylococci 808 Bytes 1 17 show