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BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-26187841-002 Among these LAB, Lactococcus garvieae, commonly found in dairy products, can inhibit S. aureus growt 239 Bytes 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-26187841-000 Staphylococcus aureus inhibition was higher when Lactococcus garvieae produces hydrogen peroxide (H2 105 Bytes 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-25955289-000 Enhancing vitamin B12 content in soy-yogurt by Lactobacillus reuteri 69 Bytes 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-25064656-000 However, 96.3 and 97.9% of the total microbiota of the raw milk and pasteurized cheese rind, respe 1.01 KB 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-17953562-004 Among the cocci the most reducing species was, by far, E. faecalis, and among the rods L. paracasei 497 Bytes 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-17953562-001 The E. faecalis strains were characterized by a relevant reduction power. In fact, this species show 4.33 KB 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-22203552 Characterization and screening of plant probiotic traits of bacteria isolated from rice seeds cultiv 1.32 KB 1 2 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-21989983 Insights into Acinetobacter baumannii pathogenicity. Acinetobacter spp. have justifiably received si 990 Bytes 1 2 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-26187841-001 Growth of the foodborne pathogen Staphylococcus aureus can be inhibited in milk and in cheese by the 404 Bytes 1 0 show
BB-norm+ner@ldeleger BB-norm+ner-F-25064656-014 In addition, the presence of halophilic and alkaliphilic lactic acid bacteria was observed in the pr 712 Bytes 1 0 show