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BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-20167385-007 Despite the different production technologies and geographical origin, the surface microbiota of F 292 Bytes 1 17 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-25114119 Characterization of a lipopolysaccharide-targeted monoclonal antibody and its variable fragments as 1.92 KB 1 30 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-20167385-010 With regard to the Corynebacterium species, C. casei and C. variabilis were those more commonly isol 561 Bytes 1 21 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-14624315-005 In line with this, L. lactis subsp. cremoris B697, a strain with a high hydroxy acid dehydrogenase a 464 Bytes 1 8 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-20167385-001 In addition, the production of growth factors by yeasts appears to promote the development of a Gr 515 Bytes 1 10 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-20167385-003 DGGE bands (a, b, e, g, h, i) corresponding to Psychrobacter species were evident in Formaggio di Fo 895 Bytes 1 28 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-3544198 Methods for the detection of a specific Mycobacterium leprae antigen in the urine of leprosy patient 735 Bytes 1 14 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-20167385-011 Regarding the lactic acid bacterial group (LAB), Lactobacillus was seen to be present in different n 1.23 KB 1 42 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-F-25036636-005 Intensive sampling of three batches of cheese over a 63-day aging period demonstrates that patterns 1.01 KB 1 17 show
BB-norm@ldeleger BB-norm-9553794 Evaluation of the role of Carnobacterium piscicola in spoilage of vacuum- and modified-atmosphere-pa 2.09 KB 1 40 show