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This project comprises the SPECIES800 corpus documents automatically annotated by the Jensenlab tagger.
Annotated entity types are:
  • Genes/proteins from the mentioned organisms (and any human ones)
  • PubChem Compound identifiers
  • NCBI Taxonomy entries
  • Gene Ontology cellular component terms
  • BRENDA Tissue Ontology terms
  • Disease Ontology terms
  • Environment Ontology terms
The SPECIES 800 (S800) comprises 800 PubMed abstracts. In its original form species mentions were manually identified and mapped to the corresponding NCBI Taxonomy identifiers.
Described in: The SPECIES and ORGANISMS Resources for Fast and Accurate Identification of Taxonomic Names in Text. Pafilis E, Frankild SP, Fanini L, Faulwetter S, Pavloudi C, et al. (2013). PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(6): e65390. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065390.
The manually annotated corpus is also available as a PubAnnotation project (see here).

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Author Evangelos Pafilis, Sampo Pyysalo, Lars Juhl Jensen
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