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PubMed 28587654 Determinants of self-perceived health for Canadians aged 40 and older and policy implications. BACKG 2 1 show
PubMed 28594866 Revisiting the co-existence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Chronic Tic Disorder in 2 1 show
PubMed 28615380 Leucine Differentially Regulates Gene-Specific Translation in Mouse Skeletal Muscle. Background: Ami 3 1 show
PubMed 28571798 Olfactory vector hypothesis for encephalitis lethargica. Viruses have long been implicated in the pa 2 1 show
PubMed 27940392 Visual perception and visual mental imagery of emotional faces generate similar expression aftereffe 4 1 show
PubMed 28594925 A comparative study of the effect of the dose and exposure duration of anabolic androgenic steroids 2 1 show
PubMed 26115223 Trait Anticipatory Pleasure Predicts Effort Expenditure for Reward. Research in motivation and emoti 2 1 show
PubMed 10459405 Affective startle modulation in clinical depression: preliminary findings. BACKGROUND: Modulation of 2 1 show
PubMed 28595115 The "weakest link" as an indicator of cognitive vulnerability differentially predicts symptom dimens 2 1 show
PubMed 28590684 The Striatum and Decision-Making Based on Value Our behaviors range from mindful, deliberative strea 1 1 show