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PubMed 10395201 Ovarian and breast cytotoxic T lymphocytes can recognize peptides from the amino enhancer of split p 8 0 show
PubMed 9696844 Recognition of herpes simplex virus type 2 tegument proteins by CD4 T cells infiltrating human genit 7 0 show
PubMed 9643569 Minimal residual disease in acute myelogenous leukemia with PML/RAR alpha or AML1/ETO mRNA and pheno 9 0 show
PubMed 8548200 The number of glucocorticoid receptors in peripheral human lymphocytes is elevated by a zinc contain 6 0 show
PubMed 7612661 Inhibitory action of nm23 proteins on induction of erythroid differentiation of human leukemia cells 6 0 show
PubMed 7747447 Induction of Sp1 phosphorylation and NF-kappa B-independent HIV promoter domain activity in T lympho 6 0 show
PubMed 7862168 Regulation of cell-type-specific interleukin-2 receptor alpha-chain gene expression: potential role 6 0 show
PubMed 8065331 DNA-binding and transcriptional regulatory properties of hepatic leukemia factor (HLF) and the t(17; 8 0 show
PubMed 1964061 Sex and age distribution of 1,25(OH)2D3 receptors in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal 7 0 show
PubMed 10400755 Escape of human cytomegalovirus from HLA-DR-restricted CD4(+) T-cell response is mediated by repress 8 0 show