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PubMed 23633953 Complex structure of OspI and Ubc13: the molecular basis of Ubc13 deamidation and convergence of bac 1.53 KB 2 3 show
PubMed 23633948 Systems analysis of a RIG-I agonist inducing broad spectrum inhibition of virus infectivity. The RIG 1.98 KB 4 4 show
PubMed 23633945 HCV-induced miR-21 contributes to evasion of host immune system by targeting MyD88 and IRAK1. Upon r 1.58 KB 3 6 show
PubMed 23633926 Cellular immunotherapy for carcinoma using genetically modified EGFR-specific T lymphocytes. Epiderm 1.33 KB 4 6 show
PubMed 23633923 Epigenetic silencing of the proapoptotic gene BIM in anaplastic large cell lymphoma through an MeCP2 1.39 KB 4 7 show
PubMed 23633921 The role of sarcosine metabolism in prostate cancer progression. Metabolomic profiling of prostate c 1.33 KB 4 13 show
PubMed 23633919 Restoring KLF5 in esophageal squamous cell cancer cells activates the JNK pathway leading to apoptos 1.55 KB 4 3 show
PubMed 23633918 PTEN deficiency contributes to the development and progression of head and neck cancer. The sequenci 1.83 KB 4 4 show
PubMed 23633675 Epigenetic activation of AP1 promotes squamous cell carcinoma metastasis. The transcription factor A 1.41 KB 4 20 show
PubMed 23633568 Targeted resequencing implicates the familial Mediterranean fever gene MEFV and the toll-like recept 1.71 KB 5 25 show