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CORD-19 fff6fe12beb51ee2641ddb5381378ff3560d8103 Health shocks and their long-lasting impact on health behaviors: Evidence from the 2009 H1N1 pandemi 63.7 KB 7 2 show
CORD-19 fff600839441a60bb883d5f4328aa3227e127d1d Effects of a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection on the development of the 19.6 KB 8 23 show
CORD-19 ffeffafec5c5db2f5bd2472bac2f7c5cabe13557 Stability analysis of a novel epidemics model with vaccination and nonlinear infectious rate Abstra 36.9 KB 7 3 show
CORD-19 ffe133ed880d6c77ae340c5374817232e21f8315 Rational Design of Peptide Vaccines Against Multiple Types of Human Papillomavirus Supplementary Iss 30.6 KB 7 7 show
CORD-19 ffdf3927a517dbdb292b325916277a0342489b53 Metallo-aminopeptidase inhibitors Abstract Aminopeptidases are enzymes that selectively hydrolyze a 78.8 KB 7 2 show
CORD-19 ffde9cabfcf179f96cea996cb19e2a807615c479 Microbiological disinfection of water and air by photocatalysis Abstract This article is aimed at p 19.5 KB 7 3 show
CORD-19 ffdd6ba963bcbed1b9e7a293b06529bb4da989b6 Simultaneous rapid sequencing of multiple RNA virus genomes Abstract Comparing sequences of archive 21.2 KB 7 4 show
CORD-19 ffd3a93b927e221ded4cf76536ad31bef2c74b89 Fatal Respiratory Infections Associated with Rhinovirus Outbreak, Vietnam Abstract During an outbre 12.8 KB 7 29 show
CORD-19 ffd2edf17cc705073a4b2c957ec16f55e745f67f Effect of porcine circovirus type 2a or 2b on infection kinetics and pathogenicity of two geneticall 47.4 KB 7 2 show
CORD-19 ffbdb12b3da27e9f59a07f385d22a98453bd3a7a Natural and experimental infection of neonatal calves with Clostridium difficile Abstract Clostridi 20.1 KB 7 19 show