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PubMed 20696700 Mutant p53 facilitates somatic cell reprogramming and augments the malignant potential of reprogramm 19 41 show
PubMed 19917135 Elevated expression of p53 gain-of-function mutation R175H in endometrial cancer cells can increase 17 41 show
PubMed 29844158 Protein kinase Cα gain-of-function variant in Alzheimer's disease displays enhanced catalysis by a m 9 39 show
PubMed 29054882 Parkinson's Disease-Associated LRRK2 Hyperactive Kinase Mutant Disrupts Synaptic Vesicle Trafficking 10 37 show
PubMed 22114072 Gain-of-function mutant p53 upregulates CXC chemokines and enhances cell migration. The role of domi 19 37 show
PubMed 30042232 The lateral meningocele syndrome mutation causes marked osteopenia in mice. Lateral meningocele synd 9 36 show
PubMed 24632946 Disruption of the temporally regulated cloaca endodermal β-catenin signaling causes anorectal malfor 17 34 show
PubMed 29275331 Cantu syndrome-associated SUR2 (ABCC9) mutations in distinct structural domains result in KATP chann 9 33 show
PubMed 29323748 The gain-of-function mutation E76K in SHP2 promotes CAC tumorigenesis and induces EMT via the Wnt/β- 9 32 show
PubMed 29970031 Mutant p53 gain of function induces HER2 over-expression in cancer cells. BACKGROUND: HER2 over-expr 9 32 show