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PubMed 29562163 A Protein-Truncating HSD17B13 Variant and Protection from Chronic Liver Disease. BACKGROUND: Elucida 7 24 show
PubMed 29546444 Dissecting the genetic basis of heavy panicle hybrid rice uncovered Gn1a and GS3 as key genes. KEY M 7 6 show
PubMed 29544460 The curious case of Gαs gain-of-function in neoplasia. BACKGROUND: Mutations activating the α subuni 7 17 show
PubMed 29531012 MIB-1 Is Required for Spermatogenesis and Facilitates LIN-12 and GLP-1 Activity in Caenorhabditis el 7 16 show
PubMed 29526646 Inactivation of Fgfr2 gene in mouse secondary palate mesenchymal cells leads to cleft palate. Numero 7 8 show
PubMed 29513733 The Arabidopsis thaliana Mediator subunit MED8 regulates plant immunity to Botrytis Cinerea through 7 7 show
PubMed 29509167 Impact of CYP2C19 Polymorphisms on Clinical Outcomes and Antiplatelet Potency of Clopidogrel in Cauc 7 12 show
PubMed 29507057 The Molecular Chaperone HSP90 Promotes Notch Signaling in the Germline of Caenorhabditis elegans. In 7 8 show
PubMed 29506689 Multifocal atrial and ventricular premature contractions with an increased risk of dilated cardiomyo 7 15 show
PubMed 29478779 Loss of Function of the Nuclear Receptor NR2F2, Encoding COUP-TF2, Causes Testis Development and Car 7 9 show