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PubMed 2483767 Regulation of acute phase protein genes by hepatocyte-stimulating factors, monokines and glucocortic 1.65 KB 3 4 show
PubMed 10391141 Identification of the histamine H1 receptor gene as a differentially repressed target of the human T 1.22 KB 2 1 show
PubMed 11035101 The Rel family member P50 mediates cytokine-induced C-reactive protein expression by a novel mechani 1.51 KB 3 1 show
PubMed 11279154 Role of intronic E- and N-box motifs in the transcriptional induction of the acetylcholinesterase ge 1.52 KB 2 1 show
PubMed 11076940 Cloning of human acetyl-CoA carboxylase beta promoter and its regulation by muscle regulatory factor 1.92 KB 3 3 show
PubMed 11237763 Human RNA helicase II/Gu gene: genomic organization and promoter analysis. Human RNA helicase II/Gu 1.05 KB 2 1 show
PubMed 10572091 A nuclear factor Y (NFY) site positively regulates the human CD34 stem cell gene. Proper regulation 1.67 KB 2 1 show
PubMed 11046135 ERK5 is a novel type of mitogen-activated protein kinase containing a transcriptional activation dom 1.6 KB 3 2 show
PubMed 10559251 Regulation of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase subunit gene expression by the transcription factor 1.7 KB 2 4 show
PubMed 10818088 The homeodomain coordinates nuclear entry of the Lhx3 neuroendocrine transcription factor and associ 1.55 KB 3 0 show