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CORD-19 5f94b5f7e914cb87d2f607a1b0ef03c135b0a2da Abstract Background: The regulatory IL-10 and TGF-$1 cytokine gene polymorphisms have been associa 1.64 MB 7 63,859 show
CORD-19 6389e5fa6ae2cd574240a36bb33a9bfb92235f9f Abstract The primary functions of the alimentary tract are the prehension, digestion and absorpt 1.56 MB 6 52,700 show
CORD-19 913db7c5d4ab48567de0304fdcc1f1b343d98aa1 The 45th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation: Physicians -Po 1.54 MB 7 52,072 show
PMC 1064854 PGC-1α Deficiency Causes Multi-System Energy Metabolic Derangements: Muscle Dysfunction, Abnormal We 76.1 KB 7 47,644 show
CORD-19 ceb8a6b92ffbe82a86442218bdff2b8a11a4dbe4 Abstract The principal function of the respiratory system is gas exchange in which oxygen is tra 1.46 MB 6 47,401 show
CORD-19 dc2f210539245c7a03dcaa21c9305555d10ece43 OR-01. Distinct Regulatory Functions Are Defined by HLA-DR Expression on Human CD4 + CD25 high Treg 1.49 MB 7 47,256 show
CORD-19 1d825b62269d880d74b9c86622ebd565e3a15df8 CHAP TER 6 Integumentary System Abstract maintains hydration of the body by restricting water los 1.05 MB 7 45,542 show
CORD-19 f2b3c64a3494a044b1085845dcc4aedb6c4e7e6b CHAP TER 1 Alimentary System Abstract Examination of the oral cavity should be standard procedure 1.21 MB 7 44,223 show
CORD-19 e1aa6060418bdc240f2d12689b99e06b66c96242 Abstract This chapter focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and control of large animal diseases 1.21 MB 6 40,575 show
CORD-19 5b86e6307a43623963d73738a991a2f37e91488b The Alimentary System Oral Cavity Developmental Anomalies of Teeth Degenerative Conditions of Teeth 1000 KB 7 39,229 show