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PubMed 11144036 Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Clinical presentation in 261 patients. We prospectively evaluated the in 8 2692 show
PubMed 10971734 Toxic epidermal necrolysis following combination of methotrexate and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. 9 2128 show
PubMed 17675918 [Cerebral hydatic cyst and psychiatric disorders. Two cases]. Kyste hydatique cérébral et troubles p 7 2103 show
PubMed 7289030 [Therapeutic effects of cefoxitin in the treatment of various infections in children (author's trans 5 2097 show
PubMed 11071553 Tick-borne diseases in ruminants of Central and Southern Italy: epidemiology and case reports. Sera 6 2079 show
PubMed 7527672 Kit ligand/mast cell growth factor-independent differentiation of mast cells in myelodysplasia and c 7 2002 show
PubMed 7334591 [Evaluation of cefroxadine in the field of pediatrics (author's transl)]. Basic and clinical evaluat 4 1996 show
PubMed 20515347 Utility of neurophysiological monitoring using dorsal column mapping in intramedullary spinal cord s 8 1952 show
PubMed 17228786 [Clinical studies of pediatric malabsorption syndromes]. Multiple cases with various types of pediat 7 1926 show
PubMed 11233734 [Soft tissue sarcomas of the hand: report of a radiation-induced case]. Les sarcomes des tissus mous 6 1926 show