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@kaist_nlp q1-1 # NLQ400 QUESTIONS (type1-1) # 91 questions (only factoid question, not includes O/X else) # Data 1 0 show
PMC PMC539331 Major Structural Differences and Novel Potential Virulence Mechanisms from the Genomes of MultipleCa 1 0 show
PMC PMC368164 Phylogenomics of the Reproductive ParasiteWolbachia pipientis wMel: A Streamlined Genome Overrun by 1 0 show
PMC PMC3652863 Genomic and Proteomic Analyses of the Terminally Redundant Genome of thePseudomonas aeruginosaPhage 1 0 show
PMC PMC3651199 Adaptive Mutations and Replacements of Virulence Traits in theEscherichia coliO104:H4 Outbreak Popul 1 0 show
PMC PMC3636199 Bioinformatics Analysis Identify Novel OB Fold Protein Coding Genes inC. elegans Background The C. e 1 0 show
PMC PMC3636130 The Genome Organization ofThermotoga maritimaReflects Its Lifestyle The generation of genome-scale d 1 0 show
PMC PMC3634813 The Complete Sequence of the Mitochondrial Genome ofButomus umbellatus- A Member of an Early Branchi 1 0 show
PMC PMC3634020 Comparative Genomic Analysis of the GenusNocardiopsisProvides New Insights into Its Genetic Mechanis 1 0 show
PMC PMC3633829 Comparative Analysis of the Peanut Witches'-Broom Phytoplasma Genome Reveals Horizontal Transfer of 1 0 show