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PMC PMC3628994 Phenotypic Heterogeneity of Genomically-Diverse Isolates ofStreptococcus mutans High coverage, whole 1 0 show
PMC PMC3625194 Genomic Sequence and Virulence of Clonal Isolates of Vaccinia Virus Tiantan, the Chinese Smallpox Va 1 0 show
PMC PMC3621897 The 380 kb pCMU01 Plasmid Encodes Chloromethane Utilization Genes and Redundant Genes for Vitamin B1 1 0 show
PMC PMC3618277 Comprehensive Characterization of Human Genome Variation by High Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of 1 0 show
PMC PMC3615170 Genome sequence ofStaphylococcus lugdunensisN920143 allows identification of putative colonization a 1 0 show
PMC PMC3614916 The Detection and Sequencing of a Broad-Host-Range Conjugative IncP-1? Plasmid in an Epidemic Strain 1 0 show
PMC PMC3612081 Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of the First Australian OXA-48-Producing Outbreak-AssociatedKlebsiell 1 0 show
PMC PMC3610874 Comparative Genomics of Multiple Strains ofPseudomonas cannabinapv.alisalensis, a Potential Model Pa 1 0 show
PMC PMC3609814 Genomic Analysis by Deep Sequencing of the ProbioticLactobacillus brevisKB290 Harboring Nine Plasmid 1 0 show
PMC PMC3604114 Complete Genome and Molecular Epidemiological Data Infer the Maintenance of Rabies among Kudu (Trage 1 0 show