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PubMed 10024668 Tissue specific expression and chromosomal mapping of a human UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: alpha1,3-d-ma 35 418 show
PubMed 10089213 CFTR expression does not influence glycosylation of an epitope-tagged MUC1 mucin in colon carcinoma 35 518 show
PubMed 10910976 Effect of proteasome inhibitors on the release into the cytosol of free polymannose oligosaccharides 34 754 show
PubMed 10764836 Species-specific variation in glycosylation of IgG: evidence for the species-specific sialylation an 34 937 show
PubMed 1372525 Electrophoretic resolution and fluorescence detection of N-linked glycoprotein oligosaccharides afte 33 194 show
PubMed 14551220 Addition of beta1-6 GlcNAc branching to the oligosaccharide attached to Asn 772 in the serine protea 33 1699 show
PubMed 10704523 Protein structure controls the processing of the N-linked oligosaccharides and glycosylphosphatidyli 33 418 show
PubMed 10764829 Regulation of CD45-induced signaling by galectin-1 in Burkitt lymphoma B cells. It has been well est 33 652 show
PubMed 10910977 Evidence for interaction of yeast protein kinase C with several subunits of oligosaccharyl transfera 33 463 show
PubMed 10988249 Preparative synthesis of GDP-beta-L-fucose by recombinant enzymes from enterobacterial sources. The 33 426 show