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PubMed 10024668 Tissue specific expression and chromosomal mapping of a human UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: alpha1,3-d-ma 33 413 show
PubMed 10089213 CFTR expression does not influence glycosylation of an epitope-tagged MUC1 mucin in colon carcinoma 33 514 show
PubMed 10910976 Effect of proteasome inhibitors on the release into the cytosol of free polymannose oligosaccharides 32 472 show
PubMed 10764836 Species-specific variation in glycosylation of IgG: evidence for the species-specific sialylation an 32 549 show
PubMed 11159919 Defect in N-glycosylation of proteins is tissue-dependent in congenital disorders of glycosylation I 31 250 show
PubMed 11087715 Characterization of the oligosaccharide structures associated with the cystic fibrosis transmembrane 31 366 show
PubMed 10988248 The changes in glycosylation after partial hepatectomy enhance collagen binding of vitronectin in pl 31 387 show
PubMed 10910977 Evidence for interaction of yeast protein kinase C with several subunits of oligosaccharyl transfera 31 463 show
PubMed 10764831 Siglec-7: a sialic acid-binding lectin of the immunoglobulin superfamily. The Siglecs are a recently 31 431 show
PubMed 10988253 Biochemical differences between two types of N-acetylglucosamine:-->6sulfotransferases in human colo 31 381 show