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PubMed 9675220 A novel 4-methylumbelliferyl-beta-D-xyloside derivative, sulfate-O-3-xylosylbeta1-(4-methylumbellife 25 10059 show
PubMed 14638629 The parasitic trematode Fasciola hepatica exhibits mammalian-type glycolipids as well as Gal(beta1-6 31 7022 show
PubMed 16449350 Site-specific glycosylation analysis of the bovine lysosomal alpha-mannosidase. Lysosomal alpha-mann 26 5410 show
PubMed 3923110 Regulation of arachidonic acid metabolism in macrophages by immune and nonimmune interferons. Mouse 3 5337 show
PubMed 10988247 A novel pentaglycosylceramide in ostrich liver, IV4-beta-Gal-nLc4Cer, with terminal Gal(beta1-4)Gal, 32 5177 show
PubMed 24957054 Galectin-8 elicits pro-inflammatory activities in the endothelium. Galectins (Gals), a family of mam 25 4693 show
PubMed 8922955 Molecular mimicry in the recognition of glycosphingolipids by Gal alpha 3 Gal beta 4 GlcNAc beta-bin 27 4594 show
PubMed 8877370 Specificity of xenoreactive anti-Gal alpha 1-3Gal IgM for alpha-galactosyl ligands. The transplantat 26 4351 show
PubMed 3923474 A second tRNA binding site on elongation factor Tu is induced while the factor is bound to the ribos 3 4193 show
PubMed 21610194 Binding of Clostridium difficile toxins to human milk oligosaccharides. The binding of recombinant f 27 4152 show