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PubMed 12916707 IL-1beta induces and TGF-beta reduces vitamin D3-induced bone resorption in mouse calvarial bone cel 1 0 show
PubMed 23915342 Rheology and morphology of pristine graphene/polyacrylamide gels. Enhancement of toughness in nanoma 1 0 show
PubMed 10976406 [Functional restoration of tumor suppressor p53 alters susceptibility of glioblastoma cells to irrad 3 5 show
PubMed 8983190 Chromosomal location of three wheat sequences with homology to pollen allergen encoding, DNA replica 1 show
PubMed 1729496 A strategy of cystine stone management. Simple mechanical disintegration of cystine calculi by extra 4 1 show
PubMed 25753855 Lipid core abutting lumen - optical coherence tomography-verified thin-cap fibroatheroma surrogate. 1 show
PubMed 23536108 Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids delay the progression of endotoxic shock-induced myocardial dysf 2 6 show
PubMed 21231782 Coping with cancer: The perspective of patients' relatives. UNLABELLED: Cancer affects not only pati 1 0 show
PubMed 12209877 Growth arrest in G1 protects against oxygen-induced DNA damage and cell death. Although oxygen is re 1 0 show
PubMed 12919155 Peripheral parameters of oxidative stress in Graves' disease: the effects of methimazole and 131 iod 1 0 show