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TIAB (Title and Abstract)
[The treatment of ptyalism in children with cerebral lesions (author's transl)].
Glioblastom und Neurofibrom nach Lost-Enwirkung
The cytotoxic and alkylating substance, mustard gas, causes both acute poisoning and also damage to numerous organs following chronic exposure. Especially important is the carcinogenic effect, also confirmed in humans. 34 years after occupational exposure to mustard gas with many intoxication episodes, a former munition-worker died of a glioblastoma; two years before his death a neurofibroma was detected in the thorax and removed by operation. The causal connection between the mustard gas exposure and the development of two neurogenic tumors rests on the statistically significantly raised frequency of malignant tumors and the established psychic changes in former workers with mustard gas and especially on the production of malignant tumors of the central nervous system in experimental animals with alkylating nitrosamines.

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