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The effect of different chemical surface treatments of denture teeth on shear bond strength: a comparative study.
BACKGROUND: The development of better cross linked acrylic resin teeth has solved the problems related to wearing and discoloration of acrylic teeth. The same cross linking at ridge lap region acts as a double edge sword as it weakens the bond between denture base and tooth.
AIM OF STUDY: The purpose of study was to evaluate the effect of surface treatment on the bond strength of resin teeth to denture base resin using monomethyl methacrylate monomer and dichloromethane with no surface treatment acting as control.
SETTINGS AND DESIGN: Denture base cylinder samples in wax (n=180) were made with maxillary central incisor attached at 450 (JIST 6506). These samples were randomly and equally divided into three groups of 60 each. These specimens were then flasked, dewaxed as per the standard protocol.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Before acrylization, ridge lap area was treated as follows: Group A- no surface treatment act as control, Group B treated with monomethyl methacrylate monomer, Group C treated with dichloromethane. Digitally controlled acryliser was used for acrylization as per manufacturer's instructions and shear bond strength was tested on Universal Testing Machine (Servo Hydraulic, 50kN High Strain, BISS Research).
STATISTICAL ANALYSIS USED: Result was statistically analyzed with One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Post-hoc ANOVA Tukey's HSD test at 5% level of significance.
RESULTS: The application of dichloromethane showed increased bond strength between cross linked acrylic resin teeth and heat cure denture base resin followed by monomethyl methacrylate monomer and control group.
CONCLUSION: The application of dichloromethane on the ridge lap surface of the resin teeth before packing of the dough into the mold significantly increased the bond strength between cross linked acrylic resin teeth and heat cure denture base resin.

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