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Effect of essential oils and isolated compounds from Pimpinella species on NF-kappaB: a target for antiinflammatory therapy. Pimpinella essential oils and isolated compounds were screened for their inhibitory activity against NF-kappaB mediated transcription in SW1353 cells. Twelve oils were effective in inhibiting NF-kappaB mediated transcription. Especially the roots of P. corymbosa, P. tragium and P. rhodanta showed potent activities with IC(50) values of 2, 3 and 6 microg/mL, respectively. Five pure compounds, 7 (4-(2-propenyl)phenylangelate), 12 (4-(3-methyloxiranyl)phenyltiglate), 17 (4-methoxy-2-(3-methyloxiranyl)phenyl isobutyrate), 18 (4-methoxy-2-(3-methyloxiranyl)phenylangelate) and 21 (epoxy pseudoisoeugenol-2-methylbutyrate) inhibited NF-kappaB mediated transcription with IC(50) values of 5.5, 1.2, 0.01, 3.6 and 11 microg/mL, respectively. None of the compounds were cytotoxic to mammalian cells. These findings add significant information to the pharmacological activity of Pimpinella species and their beneficial effects and use in disease prevention especially those related to inflammation.

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