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A study from Nepal showing no correlation between lichen planus and hepatitis B and C viruses. A total number of 86 cases of Lichen planus (LP) were seen over a period of one and a half years. This constituted 0.58% of 14,833 new dermatological patients seen. Hepatitis B and C viral (HBV & HCV) serology was carried out in 64 patients and 43 age and sex matched controls. In the examined patients, 35 (54.27%) had the skin lesions only. Oral lesions were present in 15 (23.4%) of the patients in addition to skin lesions, while 14 (21.9%) had only oral involvement. Serology for HBsAg and HCV was negative in all types of LP patients and the controls. In Nepal, HBV and HCV seem to be not important in the pathogenesis of LP.

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