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Id Subject Object Predicate Lexical cue
TI1 80-95 ORDO:1247 denotes schistosomiasis
AB1 298-313 ORDO:1247 denotes schistosomiasis
AB2 344-359 ORDO:1247 denotes schistosomiasis


Id Subject Object Predicate Lexical cue
TextSentencer_T1 0-96 Sentence denotes Elevated parathyroid hormone-related protein and hypercalcemia in two dogs with schistosomiasis.
TextSentencer_T2 97-145 Sentence denotes Two adult dogs were evaluated for hypercalcemia.
TextSentencer_T3 146-284 Sentence denotes Diagnostic evaluation identified elevated parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) and presumptive humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy.
TextSentencer_T4 285-328 Sentence denotes At necropsy, schistosomiasis was diagnosed.
TextSentencer_T5 329-399 Sentence denotes North American schistosomiasis is caused by Heterobilharzia americana.
TextSentencer_T6 400-475 Sentence denotes Clinical findings may include dermatitis, coughing, diarrhea, and anorexia.
TextSentencer_T7 476-593 Sentence denotes Clinicopathological findings may include hypercalcemia, hyperglobulinemia, hypoalbuminemia, anemia, and eosinophilia.
TextSentencer_T8 594-638 Sentence denotes Diagnosis by fecal examination is difficult.
TextSentencer_T9 639-708 Sentence denotes Praziquantel or fenbendazole treatment may be curative or palliative.
TextSentencer_T10 709-821 Sentence denotes These are the first reported cases of hypercalcemia with elevated PTHrP in animals without diagnosed malignancy.
TextSentencer_T11 822-944 Sentence denotes Elevation of PTHrP has not been previously reported in hypercalcemic humans or in animals with granulomatous inflammation.


Id Subject Object Predicate Lexical cue
TI1 49-62 HP:0003072 denotes hypercalcemia
AB1 131-144 HP:0003072 denotes hypercalcemia
AB2 256-269 HP:0003072 denotes hypercalcemia
AB3 442-450 HP:0012735 denotes coughing
AB4 452-460 HP:0002014 denotes diarrhea
AB5 466-474 HP:0002039 denotes anorexia
AB6 517-530 HP:0003072 denotes hypercalcemia
AB7 551-566 HP:0003073 denotes hypoalbuminemia
AB8 568-574 HP:0001903 denotes anemia
AB9 580-592 HP:0001880 denotes eosinophilia
AB10 747-760 HP:0003072 denotes hypercalcemia