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PubMed 25789577 Cardiovascular Adverse Effects of Phenylephrine Eyedrops: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. IMP 2 4 show
PubMed 25637862 Incidence and time path of lymphedema in sentinel node negative breast cancer patients: a systematic 2 4 show
PubMed 25901288 Impact of Y chromosome AZFc subdeletion shows lower risk of fertility impairment in Siddi tribal men 3 13 show
PubMed 21849062 Impact of age on outcome after colorectal cancer surgery in the elderly - a developing country persp 2 6 show
PubMed 25787996 Plasma phospholipid very-long-chain saturated fatty acids and incident diabetes in older adults: the 2 4 show
PubMed 26064780 Foreign Medical Teams in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan 2013 - Who Were They, When Did They Ar 2 4 show
PubMed 26217242 Neurobiology of Maternal Stress: Role of Social Rank and Central Oxytocin in Hypothalamic-Pituitary 2 8 show
PubMed 18701576 Human endogenous retrovirus-K18 Env as a risk factor in multiple sclerosis. BackgroundThe human endo 2 9 show
PubMed 26315933 Ten-Year Trends (2000-2010) of Overweight and Obesity Prevalence among the Young and Middle-Aged Adu 1 show
PubMed 25901184 Mining causal relationships among clinical variables for cancer diagnosis based on Bayesian analysis 3 7 show