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PubMed 10380517 [The role of echo-endoscopy in the staging of squamous-cell carcinoma of the esophagus. The correlat 1 0 show
PubMed 10576550 Interaction of the C-terminal domain of delta glutamate receptor with spectrin in the dendritic spin 1 0 show
PubMed 16759609 [Perioperative care and treatment of chronic pain in Catalonia, Spain]. Medicina perioperatoria y tr 1 0 show
PubMed 20560034 Cardiac transcription factors driven lineage-specification of adult stem cells. Differentiation of h 2 2 show
PubMed 11753998 RelB reduces thymocyte apoptosis and regulates terminal thymocyte maturation. Thymocyte maturation i 1 0 show
PubMed 11882370 Alpha3 integrin receptors contribute to the consolidation of long-term potentiation. Several lines o 1 0 show
PubMed 1719228 The UL20 gene of herpes simplex virus 1 encodes a function necessary for viral egress. A recombinant 1 show
PubMed 8666982 Thrombin causes cell spreading and redistribution of beta-amyloid immunoreactivity in cultured hippo 1 show
PubMed 11748958 Plasmodium falciparum cytoadherence to human placenta: evaluation of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin 1 0 show
PubMed 1036501 The electrophysiologic effects of tolamolol (UK-6558-01) on the passive membrane properties of mamma 2 4 show