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PMC 5798783 Context-dependent interactive effects of non-lethal predation on larvae impact adult longevity and b 1.93 KB 1 show
PMC 6014246 Histopathological and Ultrastructural Alterations in Some Organs of Oreochromis niloticus Exposed to 1.87 KB 1 show
PMC 3605306 A comparison of medetomidine and its active enantiomer dexmedetomidine when administered with ketami 2.36 KB 1 show
PMC 7253764 To relax restrictions: Are communities ready to deal with repeated epidemic waves of COVID-19? 94 Bytes 2 1 show
PMC 3398673 Understanding the Mechanisms of Proteinuria: Therapeutic Implications A large body of evidence indic 1.46 KB 1 show
PMC 3678977 Multiple Congenital Melanocytic Nevi and Neurocutaneous Melanosis Are Caused by Postzygotic Mutation 1.53 KB 1 298 show
PMC 4149543 Individual- and Neighborhood-Level Predictors of Mortality in Florida Colorectal Cancer Patients Pur 2.15 KB 1 show
PMC 5127531 Ancient Human Parasites in Ethnic Chinese Populations Whilst archaeological evidence for many aspect 1.28 KB 1 show
PMC 4571901 An Unusual MRI Appearance of Osseous Metastases Bone metastases can present in a wide variety of app 705 Bytes 1 show
PMC 7186535 Facing COVID-19 in the ICU: vascular dysfunction, thrombosis, and dysregulated inflammation 91 Bytes 2 0 show