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PMC 1564426 Adenomatous Polyposis Coli(APC)Is Required for Normal Development of Skin and Thymus The tumor suppr 5 813 show
PMC 1540739 RMCE-ASAP: a gene targeting method for ES and somatic cells to accelerate phenotype analyses In rece 5 650 show
PMC 1941754 Mouse Pachytene Checkpoint 2(Trip13)Is Required for Completing Meiotic Recombination but Not Synapsi 4 865 show
PMC 1914394 Rb-Mediated Neuronal Differentiation through Cell-Cycle-Independent Regulation of E2f3a It has long 5 909 show
PMC 1892049 Deletion atITPR1Underlies Ataxia in Mice and Spinocerebellar Ataxia 15 in Humans We observed a sever 6 1129 show
PMC 1463023 Fgf9andWnt4Act as Antagonistic Signals to Regulate Mammalian Sex Determination The genes encoding me 6 970 show
PMC 1482699 Genome-wide isolation of growth and obesity QTL using mouse speed congenic strains Background High g 5 875 show
PMC 1440874 Loss of Atrx Affects Trophoblast Development and the Pattern of X-Inactivation in Extraembryonic Tis 5 865 show
PMC 1448208 Production and characterization of murine models of classic and intermediate maple syrup urine disea 5 1211 show
PMC 1435744 Cloning and characterization of mr-s, a novel SAM domain protein, predominantly expressed in retinal 5 1431 show