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0 TIAB Surge after the surge: Anticipating the increased volume and needs of patients with head and neck ca 1 841 show
1 <title>INTRODUCTION</title> 1 Severe acute respiratory distress syndrome coronavirus‐2 (SARS‐CoV‐2), which causes the novel coro 1 1814 show
2 <title>REASONS FOR THE SURGE AND WAYS TO PREVENT IT</title> 2 Post‐Hurricane Katrina, reduced access to cancer care was significantly associated with difficulty 1 2029 show
3 <title>STRATEGIES TO MITIGATE THE <styled-content style="fixed-case" toggle="no">HNC</styled-content> SURGE</title> 3 Patients with HNC, along with otolaryngologists, are high‐risk populations for contracting COVID‐1 1 2967 show
4 <title>CONCLUSION</title> 4 COVID‐19 continues to have widespread effects on the field of Otolaryngology ‐ Head and Neck Surge 1 435 show