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0 TIAB The genome sequence ofSalmonella entericaserovar Choleraesuis, a highly invasive and resistant zoono 0 1757 0 show
1 INTRODUCTION Salmonella are important pathogens in humans and animals. Taxonomically, there are two species in th 0 2696 0 show
2 MATERIALS AND METHODS Genome sequencing and analysis S.Choleraesuis strain SC-B67 was isolated from a patient with sepsis 0 2691 0 show
3 MATERIALS AND METHODS Electron microscopy Scanning electron microscopy was performed to examine the flagella of S.Cholerae 0 691 0 show
4 MATERIALS AND METHODS Inhibition assay and western blot analysis MICs were determined by the standard agar dilution method 0 814 0 show
5 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION General features of the genome The principal features of S.Choleraesuis SC-B67 genome is composed of 0 415 0 show
6 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Genome comparison The overall comparison of S.Choleraesuis SC-B67 genome to two other sequenced Salm 0 1831 0 show
7 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Pseudogenes A remarkable difference among the three serovars is the possession of 151 pseudogenes in 0 4235 0 show
8 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION von Willebrand factor The genome of S.Choleraesuis encodes a protein bearing homology to von Willebr 0 815 0 show
9 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Pathogenicity islands Genomic islands are regions of DNA on the chromosome of bacteria acquired via 0 2415 0 show
10 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Plasmids and antimicrobial resistance S.Choleraesuis SC-B67 has two plasmids, pSC138 and pSCV50 (Fig 0 4824 0 show