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0 TIAB PGC-1α Deficiency Causes Multi-System Energy Metabolic Derangements: Muscle Dysfunction, Abnormal We 3 1645 1104 show
1 Introduction Mitochondrial functional capacity is dynamically regulated to meet the diverse energy demands impose 3 4316 3448 show
2 Results Disruption of the PGC-1α Gene in Mice A neomycin-based gene targeting vector was generated to delete 3 2209 2021 show
3 Results General Characteristics of the PGC-1α−/− Mice: Age- and Sex-Dependent Obesity Heterozygous (PGC-1α+/ 3 2460 2241 show
4 Results Abnormal Muscle Mitochondrial Phenotype in PGC-1α−/− Mice General histologic analyses were performed 3 2381 2140 show
5 Results Altered Skeletal Muscle Function in PGC-1α−/− Mice The abnormality in mitochondrial number and respi 3 3744 3378 show
6 Results Functional Abnormalities in Hearts of PGC-1α−/− Mice PGC-1α expression is enriched in heart, a tissu 3 3247 2778 show
7 Results PGC-1α−/− Mice Exhibit an Abnormal Thermogenic Response PGC-1α has been implicated as an inducible r 3 2636 2269 show
8 Results Fasting-Induced Hepatic Steatosis in PGC-1α−/− Mice Previous studies have implicated PGC-1α in sever 3 3980 3296 show
9 Results Despite a Mild Obese Phenotype, Female PGC-1α−/− Mice Do Not Exhibit Insulin Resistance Recent studi 3 1842 2044 show
10 Results Structural Abnormalities of the Central Nervous System in PGC-1α−/− Mice In surveying the tissues of 3 2046 1561 show
11 Discussion Previous studies using gain-of-function strategies have shown that the coactivator PGC-1α is capable 3 14208 9829 show
12 Materials and Methods Targeting the PGC-1α gene in mice A BAC genomic clone containing the murine PGC-1α gene, isolated fr 3 1642 1346 show
13 Materials and Methods General animal studies All animal experiments and euthanasia protocols were conducted in strict acco 3 1824 1551 show
14 Materials and Methods RNA, DNA, and protein analyses Total RNA was isolated by the RNAzol method (Tel-Test, Friendswood, T 3 1661 1478 show
15 Materials and Methods Mitochondrial respiration studies Mitochondrial respiration was assessed in saponin-skinned soleus f 3 1439 1537 show
16 Materials and Methods Insulin and glucose tolerance tests Glucose and Insulin tolerance tests were performed as described 3 541 605 show
17 Materials and Methods Indirect calorimetry Oxygen consumption rates (VO2) of 5-wk-old female mice were measured using a Co 3 473 400 show
18 Materials and Methods Histology and electron microscopy Soleus muscle and liver were dissected and fixed overnight in 2% g 3 1140 923 show
19 Materials and Methods Primary mouse hepatocyte studies Primary cultures of mouse hepatocytes were prepared from male PGC-1 3 811 738 show
20 Materials and Methods Evaluation of locomotor activity, sensorimotor capabilities, and muscle function To evaluate general 3 3267 3126 show
21 Materials and Methods VO2max studies VO2max was determined while the mice were running on a treadmill using an open flow s 3 805 738 show
22 Materials and Methods Isolated muscle stimulation studies Animals were anesthetized with ketamine/xylazine and the soleus 3 1165 986 show
23 Materials and Methods Exercise echocardiography Adult female mice (6–8 mo old) were exercised on the motorized treadmill u 3 383 302 show
24 Materials and Methods In vivo cardiac hemodynamic studies Hemodynamic studies were performed as previously described with 3 937 725 show
25 Materials and Methods Isolated working mouse heart perfusion Isolated working mouse heart perfusion was based on a previou 3 1336 1217 show
26 Materials and Methods Statistics Data were analyzed using T-tests or ANOVAs (measures of general activity and sensorimotor 3 834 752 show